July 7, 2022

Information for writers and reviewers

If you’re interested in a career in music journalism or you’ve always fancied trying your hand at reviewing a gig or album, you could do worse than start at Vanguard Online!

You might also be a journalist who works for a local or regional publication, but would like to cover a gig outside of your usual local area. Writing for Vanguard Online could be the solution.

The site has traditionally been run on a voluntary basis by students, though its open to everyone.

We’re always happy to welcome writers to our existing team.

We get plenty of opportunities to review gigs in major towns and cities in the UK.

There are also plenty of opportunities to review albums and there are opportunities to conduct interviews with musicians too.

We also get the occasional bit of theatre, and one or two films or books to review every now and then.

Most of what we get to do is small scale, offbeat bands, some up and coming, with the occasional big gig thrown in here and there.

We’re also interested in featuring photography, especially where it concerns snaps of urban scenes or street art.

If you’d be interested in joining in and giving it a go, you’d be welcome, no experience necessary, just a certain amount of enthusiasm for music and a decent level of English.

Residence in the UK or Ireland is helpful for the gigs, but these days you can review albums and conduct interviews from anywhere in the world!

Email us at vanguardonline@hotmail.com

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