April 16, 2024


Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Pittsburgh, PA–Beauty and the Beast is a tale of Belle and Beast, it is in essence a fairy tale but, it is more than just a fairy tale. It shows how love can transform anything and anyone into something beautiful, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The performance itself had everything from a beautiful stage setting to extravagant costumes, and lovely, graceful dancers who enjoyed the performance as much as the audience. The Pittsburgh Ballet has a beautiful setting in the Benedum Center Theater. The Benedum Center Theater is now known worldwide for its elegant and beautiful architectural attributes, as well as its amazing and magical chandelier. The executive director of Nicholas Dragga and artistic director Adam W. ¬†McKinney have put together a beautiful season for The Pittsburgh Ballet.

Beauty and the Beast begins in a dark and beautiful forest setting where Belle and her father are taking a walk, this is the garden that the prince owns, but the prince is cursed to be a Beast. This first interaction with Belle and her father and the Beast appears here in the garden. The Beast becomes enraged, and Belle and her father are terrified. The Beast chases the father from the garden and Belle becomes his Prisoner. While Belle is alone in the garden, the roses and other flowers dance to try and make her happier. The Beast sees her alone in the garden and his heart becomes full. The Beast realizes he is falling in love with Belle. The Beast begins to try to show his feelings to Belle as he summons his court to entertain her. Beast provides Belle with gifts, and yet Belle is still afraid and cannot find any comfort at the Beast’s palace. Belle escapes and rushes home to her family.

Act two of the ballet finds Belle at home with her family and her sisters are jealous of Belle’s gifts she received. They want gifts too. Belle figures out what the Beast is trying to portray to her by giving her these gifts. Belle realizes the Beast was showing her kindness and love. Belle finds a rose in her cottage the next morning and realizes the Beast needs her. She then follows back to the palace to the Beasts Garden where a funeral possession is underway. Belle is devastated to find the funeral is for the Beast, she realizes she loves him too. The Beast comes back to life because of her love, he tears away his clothing and fur and is revealed to be the prince. Belle’s pure love is what broke the curse. Belle accepts the rose the Beast gives to her. The Prince and Belle are married at a wonderful wedding celebration in the palace and her father, and sisters are invited. The courtiers and the roses perform a beautiful waltz. The Beauty and the Beast dance a pas de deux and live happily ever after.

The Pittsburgh Ballet performed an exquisite Beauty and the Beast. This is why they are world-renowned. Their talent excels in the world of ballet. The next performance for The Pittsburgh Ballet will be a Spring Mix with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in April 2024 following up with Cinderella with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in May 2024. The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater will be celebrating 55 years, of the Emerald Season beginning in October 2024 with Peter Pan, The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Spring Mix 5 for 55, and ending their Emerald Season with The Wizard of Oz in  2025. For more information about The Pittsburgh Ballet performances please visit the website here: https://www.pbt.org/


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