May 23, 2024

Vanguard Online Singles Chart, 2023

Number One

Emma Rawicz, saxophonist, heads the Vanguard Online chart in 2023, with Phlox, a dynamic skat jazz track. Its often hard to make out one jazz track from another, and Phlox doesn’t break the mould, but it does have a thrilling and bumpy topography.

Number Two

Celeste Caramanna and Muca team up to provide a sublime jazzy pop song. It is thick and velvety.


Number Three

Eminen like introduction from Ren.

Number Four

Sleaford Mods still sound incredible. 
Even my dark disregard for anything is now monetised

Big Pharma was written in the opening chapters of autumn 2022 when Covid kicked in again. It carries a lot of the normal Sleaford Mods absurdism, but also looks at the ongoing fascination with trying to find truths in information wholly pushed by very questionable people. The term ‘Big Pharma’ has been uprooted from its original place, one that rightly threw critique at the pharmaceutical industry as it produced more and more products that would ruin lives on a mass scale. Instead now, Big Pharma is more familiar as a term used by right wing and industrial groups trying to mask the financial aims of their arguments with some kind of critical thinking panache-type legitimacy. It just feels wrong. It feeds on hopelessness, widespread fear and generations of unfettered misinformation linked to the limited critical perception we as the masses are burdened with.

Number Five

Argetinian Nathy Peluso comes in at number three with her regaton-bake, Salvaje.


Number Six

Quantic’s track with Rationale.

Number Seven

The Delines ‘Christmas in Atlantis’.