July 16, 2024

Mario Alcalde, first bullfighter to say he’s pansexual, 2024

The first Spanish bullfighter to say he’s sexually attracted to other men.

Mario said he made a public statement about his pansexuality on the spur of the moment, which is completely understandable.

Takes some balls, given all the abuse that he’s likely to receive, to do that. Difficult to do if you think too much about the risks. So Mario, it appears, dived in, and was prepared to face up to the consequences, no matter how inclement the weather.

Publicly, no doubt, newspapers and TV stations will laud him. But behind the scenes, in the everyday informal spaces of life, little jibes, comments and loud whispers, will like those arrows the matadors stick into the bulls, be shot into Mario. He has become the bull.

In January 2024, in an interview with a Spanish newspaper, he said he was pansexual, which means you’re romantically and sexually attracted to a range of people, across the gender spectrum.

Pansexual is a new one on me, but I could imagine the term flying, because it doesn’t carry all the baggage of bisexual or homosexual.



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