June 24, 2024

US & UK, partners in crime in the massacre of Gaza

The US and UK are supporting, empowering and enabling the Israel to sack towns and massacre people in Palestine.

The US, the UK and Israel have, since October 2023, for four months now, terrorised a population of two million people day after day.

This is a population, who prior to this act of military terrorism, were in effect imprisoned within Gaza.

It is an extraordinary grim state of affairs that have come to this point, that three powerful nation states, think they are in the right to treat two million people in this way.

Historically, the US and the UK have supported, empowered and enabled Israel to annex and ethnically cleanse Palestine.

Politicians from the US might, from time to time, talk about the aspiration of a two state solution. They might make statements about the expectation that Israel should act within the law. But this appears to be part of an attempt to keep more liberal minded humanist minded voters, in their own country, on side.

Whilst they talk the liberal, human rights talk, they continue to supply Israel with weapons, technology and intelligence needed to terrorise, massacre and sack Gaza.

Let us not fall into the illusion of thinking Israel are doing this alone.

The US and the UK governments are actively terrorising, sacking and massacring in Gaza – lots of man hours are being invested – even if they may have no boots on the ground.

Without the leadership, will and support of the US, none of this would be happening.


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