July 23, 2024

Valle de Baranca, in the mountains of Madrid

In Valle de la Barranca there is a circular walk of 11km that you can do, which is based on a stone road, which winds its way up and around the hills surrounding the valley. You can do it with kids, from 6 upwards.

There are several large dusty car parks at the beginning of the route.

Along the track you can see a variety of flowers, butterflies and insects.


You also get a good view of a large peak called La Maliciosa, which you can see and walk to from the car park. Better to do this with teens and adults.

One of the stops on the route around the 11km work is La Fuente de la Campanilla, a spring with a bell. You can ring the bell. The water is ice cold, nice to drink, though whether its healthy to drink I don’t know (its untreated).

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