May 21, 2024

La Pedriza, Sierra de Guadarama, Madrid

La Pedriza is a set of very small mountains, located in the Sierra de Guadarama, forty minutes by car, from the northern tip of Madrid.

Its outstanding features are the weathered rocks, which have been cracked and blown and rubbed into a variety of exotic and incredible shapes.

La Pedriza also has a valley, through which the Rio Manzanares, which later runs on through Madrid, skips and burbles. The river looses its way in the most delightful pools and basins, which the authorities forbid people from bathing in.

There are several car parks in and around La Pedriza, but at least on weekends, you need to get to them before 9.30, because after that entrance to the car parks is closed.

There are some bars and places that do food, at the foot of the hills, by the car parks, offering great views.








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