April 24, 2024


Is Ren Britain’s answer to Eminem?

Ren is white, angsty. He raps, spits and sings.

Eminen introduced himself as ‘Slim Shady’; Ren introduces himself through ‘Hi Ren’.

Ren has the same freshness, talent and intensity.

‘Hi Ren’ is a conversation between two parts of the artists self – the light and dark side. Gollum talking to Smeagol.

Straight away Ren’s pain and suffering are rolled out on stage, just as he is rolled out in a hospital wheelchair and a smock.

What really makes this whole performance, so stunning, are the beautiful, moving, melodic guitar chords. The floodgates are creaking.

When he breaks into song Alex Turner is released.

He ends with a speech, a poem almost.

The whole thing phenomenal.

I can’t imagine seeing this thing live.


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