May 25, 2024

Cassyette, Scala, London

Last night, Cassyette delivered a powerful and energetic performance for her sold-out London show at Scala.

Showcasing her unique blend of electronic pop, rock and alternative sound, Cassyette started with ‘Ipecac’, a catchy, riff-heavy song with a heavy bassline. From there, Cassyette encouraged the crowd to mosh and stomp for the hard-hitting songs, such as ‘Go’. She also takes time to delve into sensitive topics, such as grief, in her latest release,‘When She Told Me’. Throughout the set, Cassyette took time to connect with her fans, pausing to thank them in between songs, reaching out to hold hands, and diving in to crowd surf near the end.

Overall, the London sell-out gig demonstrated why the ‘Petrichor’ singer is one to watch. Cassyette is a powerhouse who combines strong vocals with raw emotion, supported by distorted guitars and pounding drums. Her debut album, ‘This World Fucking Sucks’, comes out this August. To keep up to date with the release, visit here.

Cassyette played at Scala on the 11 April 2024.

Article and Photography by Cassie Barnard

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