May 25, 2024

‘Not Always Caviar’ in Stansted Airport is not a bad place to have a bite to eat

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I find that most cafes in airports are like hi-carb, homogenised shit holes where diabetic coach potatoes go to grow another layer of fat, in their lifelong mission to physically emulate Jabba the Hutt.

They are dank, depressive and dark. The staff epitomise reluctance.

That’s why ‘Not Always Caviar’, in Stansted Airport, felt like some kind of oasis.  Inside it was light and airy. They played La Ritournelle. They served a perfectly proportioned salad. There was no skimping and no sogginess.

It should be the future but it will be the past – in contrast to everywhere else in the airport there was empty tables. It felt a bit like John Lewis cafe in Westfield’s – a safe space away from the crowds.

They played 808 state.

Life needs to be a celebration of healthy food, not a constant obsession with whether you are loosing weight, and a snobbish nose turned towards junk.

‘Not Always Caviar’ helped me achieve that.

Not Always Caviar, Stansted Airport, August 2018

2021 update

Alas in the summer of 2021, Not Always Caviar, was shuttered up. Covid, it seems, had taken its toll on the traffic passing through Stansted Airport.

Little surprise, for it had been one of the less frequented places to eat in the airport.

Not Always Caviar, Stansted Airport, August 2021


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