June 18, 2024

A History of Pop Music

A History of Pop Music


Howard Jones, What is Love?


Howard Jones, Things Can Only Get Better, February 1985




In 1988 there was this kind of Italian dance music thing, that took over completely.

It drew from trance, probably from Chicago House (not that I know alot about Chicago House).

What is incredible, at least to me, is how much pop music moved on, between 85 and 83.


Inner City, Good Life, November 1998

It was definitely trancey. Good Life, by Inner City, for example – was not a story – it was much more abstract and trance like. It was like memories or states. There was also an urban vibe to the video – it was like a feeling – a memory of a place, a season – a general background feeling. It was not persona, not interpersonal. It was more introspective and reflective.


I’m not even sure what pop music is, and I don’t know why it’s called ‘pop’. Popular? Urghh?

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