May 21, 2024

Kid Methuselah

What happened to Kid Methuselah?

And can you make a living out of trance?

Kid Methuselah, real name I don’t know, has been putting out some great stuff over the last few years. Its in the trance lounge area, but I have to say he’s definitely got something. The samples, key board licks and base lines have always got something extra to them, something funky, something energetic, something spiky. Lafaro verges on house music, its driving music, but it makes driving so much fun.

And give Future Beat It a listen, its really something, a pure trance track aided by spliced samples of Michael Jackson and an enormous jazzy bassline. This is a classic. This is a guy who has a real producing talent, someone who seems to be a meticulous cut and paster.

His twitter account was active for about two years up to 2016, which makes me wonder what he’s doing now. His website linking from the twitter account no longer exists.

Can you make a living out of trance?

Maybe, Paris which you can listen to belowgot a play on Radio 6. But then what future for someone who has to rely on Radio 6 for airplay?



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