April 24, 2024

Lang Lee

Lang Lee is a Korean Kate Bush.

イ・ラン – 患難の世代  by Lang Lee would not give you much faith in the idea that she’s a Korean Kate Bush.

But don’t let that put you off giving it a listen, it is a belter of a two part harmony.

It starts off, in fact, sounding like a Korean Tanya Donnelly, stirring siren like vocals, haunting at times, to an acoustic guitar.

It feels like its going to flicker and fade, but then two thirds of the way in they burst into the most beautiful chorus, the singing turns choral, almost African, the staccato sound of Japanese being like heavy rain on the soul.

It got me interested.

To be honest I’m struggling to work out whether Lang Lee is Japanese or Korean, and who else is involved.

A work in progress for me.

But I did find this.

Another very interesting piece of work.

The video itself, of two women set up to record a track in their kitchen, listening to the track itself.

I just feel like this could be a Korean Kate Bush.

Update December 2017

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