July 23, 2024

Brexit denial in Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Last week I visited Cambridge Botanic Gardens, where I tred warily, for the large number of delicate snowdrops (or should I say snowflakes? Gwa-ha-ha).

Now once arrived I bumped into some signs near a place where they take the temperature every day.

On the signs it said Cambridge is the driest region of Britain and has a more continental climate than most of the country.


Cambridge? Dry?

Recently, its been pissing it down in Cambridge every day. It couldn’t be any wetter if you sat in a swimming pool. In 2020 it seemed to rain every day from October through to March.

This ‘Cambridge has a continental climate’ nonsense doesn’t wash with me.

It sounds like the type of wishful thinking you’d expect from the Guardian reading Remoaners of Cambridge

Get with the project man! We’ve left Europe and we’ve got our weather back!

British weather for British people.


Continental climate, boo! phhh! Brexit, yeh!

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