July 15, 2024

Spanish food packaging

I find contemporary Spanish food packaging very attractive.

I have no idea what the Pintxo de Huevo Frito is likely to taste like. Pintxo is a Basque word, not a Spanish one. Pintxos are traditionally very small dishes of food that you eat in bars, and which are often served for free with drinks. That was certainly the tradition in the 1990s though I’m not sure it has survived into the 2020s in the Basque country. I’ve never seen ‘pintxos’ in Madrid. However the Basque country is famed for its cuisine and so use of the word ‘pintxo’ along with the expensive looking packaging, evokes the idea that this contemporary snack will be ‘classy’. This grinds up though against the reality that what you seem to be getting is a potato crisp filled with a yoke filling.

Pintxo with Fried Egg, Supercor, Madrid Boadilla, December 2017

This one I love, just because of the bizarre way in which English cuisine is represented to Spain, seemingly by the Spanish. They are called sandwiches, but they are rolls. Its almost like an English version of sushi. I’ve never seen anything like this in England, but that doesn’t stop the Spanish from buying the idea. There is, in Spain, a common conflation between the English and the British. In this packaging we see the word English but the the British Union Jack.

English Delicate Sandwiches, Supercor, Madrid Boadilla, December 2017
Pasteleria, Arenas de San Pedro, August 2018
Hojaldrina, Madrid, December 2019
Marzipan, Madrid, December 2019
Dried biscuits and cakes, Madrid, December 2019
Marzipan, Madrid, December 2019
Roscos de vino, Madrid, December 2019

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