June 19, 2024

Cambridge, Spring 2021

Wandlebury Park, February 2021
One of the yellow flowers in Wandlebury Park, February 2021
Yellow water lily in Hobson’s Brook, February 2021
Snow drops by Hobson’s Brook, February 2021
Daffodils and face masks, DNA path from Cambridge to Shelford, February 2021
White scented blossom on a tree, in Milton Park, Cambridge, February 2021
Yellow flowers in front garden on Long Road, Cambridge, March 2021
Purple Flowers, near small wood in a field near Madingley, Cambridgeshire, March 2021
Purple Flower from Ivy, Hobson’s Brook, March 2021
White Blossom, Botanic Garden, Cambridge, March 2021
Purple flowers on a nettle, Botanic Garden, Cambridge, March 2021
A big pile of turnips, Milton, Cambridge, March 2021
Magnolia in full bloom, Grantchester Road, Cambridge, March 2021
Sapling with new leaf buds, Beechwoods, March 2021
Beechwoods, March 2021
Bee on blue and white flowers, Empty Common Allotment, March 2021
New leaves and flowers on a tree (no idea what type of tree – let me know if you know), Audley End House and Gardens, April 2021
Ragwort, Trumpington Meadows, April 2021
Blue flowers on nettle like plant, Hobson’s Brook, April 2021
White blossom, close to Landbeach, April 2021
Deep pink blossom, Girton, April 2021
Beautiful pink flower, growing in the Empty Common Allotment, April 2021
A swan paddles down the River Cam at Grantchester, April 2021
Blue flowers posing against a yellowing wall, Grantchester, April 2021
Red robin plants, in front of John Lewis pick up warehouse, Trumpington Meadows, April 2021
Pink blossom, Long Road, Cambridge, April 2021

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