July 23, 2024

Cambridge Botanical Gardens’s two claims to fame!

Isaac Newton’s Apple Tree

Isaac Newton was a clever guy, its no surprise he ended up at Cambridge University. When he was sitting under an apple tree one day, in Cambridge, all studious and thinking, legend has it that an apple bonked him on the head, knocked a bit of extra sense into his already sense-stuffed noggin, and triggered some thoughts about gravity.

Amazingly, and quite appropriately, the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge have a tree, which grew from a graft taken from the original tree, that Newton was sat under, the moment he had his awakening.


Hottest Place in the UK ever

Cambridge Botanic garden claims to be the site with the hottest ever recorded temperature. In July 2019, the 38.7 degrees Celsius, taken in the garden, was the hottest ever temperature recorded in the UK.

Not that hot, January 2021

Apparently, Cambridge is the driest region of Britain and has a more continental climate than most of the country. That sounds like the type of wishful thinking you’d expect from the Guardian reading snowflakey Remoaners of Cambridge. Get with the project man! We’ve left Europe. Can’t you tell? Recently, its been pissing it down in Cambridge every day. It couldn’t be any wetter if you sat in a swimming pool. In 2020 it seemed to rain every day from October through to March. Continental climate, boo! phhh! Brexit, yeh!

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