July 19, 2024

Suburban Architecture in Cambridge

The houses, which are built around Coleridge Recreation ground, appear to be the standard style for the 1930s. Not much to see, very ordinary is the area. And yet these two houses stand out as a twin set, for their peculiar shape, and because in some ways they appear to have been built the wrong way round. They have no front door.

Two houses, near Coleridge Recreation Ground, February 2019

I like this shot because these two houses look, in some way, as if they have had a tunnel carved through them, with the house on the right bearing the brunt of the tunnelling. Its the very narrow window to the left of the front door and the fact that the building is almost half the size of its neighbour, that gives this effect. Clearly there is another house, which can be accessed by a car it seems, through the drive created between the two houses.

The complex below, in Newnham, is a favourite of mine, because it appears to have an art deco style balcony. This photo doesn’t do that fact justice, and I’m not even sure it is art deco.

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