May 29, 2024

‘Times To Die’ – Car Seat Headrest

When he’s not making music, Car Seat Headrest is plain old Will Toledo. But when he is making music, he’s making great chugging, clattering jams like this. It’s a near seven minute track that doesn’t feel it’s length, Toledo seemingly musing on where he is in relation to his friends, his relationship with the record industry and, that old rascal, Death. ┬áThere’s a hint of the Velvets in the wonky guitar groove. The hook here though is Toledo’s intriguing vocal, going from conversational mumble to a full throated soar in the chorus. Lyrically, there is humour here as well. A line from the chorus goes ‘Oh then they fed him to the devils‘, to which the backing vocal track responds ‘Hey man we listened to your demos‘. All that’s missing is a wink. With other lyrics mentioning a wish to leave where he is and ascend to a ‘divine council’ and live with the ‘machine’, Toledo seems ready to leave his bedroom indie world of self released albums (11 so far) but doesn’t sound under any illusions about what he’s getting in to.

‘Times To Die’ is the second single from the upcoming album ‘Teens of Style’, Toledo’s first album to be released by an actual record company rather than via Bandcamp. It comes out on October 30th via Matador Records.


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