June 18, 2024

‘Better Looking Brother’ – Lust For Youth

I have a better looking brother. Looks good in every item of clothing he wears. Has the swagger only a man happy with how good looking he is has. I have seen women nearly come to blows over him. I did better at school like so I”m totally not jealous…I’m not sure how I’d articulate that feeling of subdued envy musically. This trio from Copenhagen have chosen to sound like Ibiza-era New Order to have a brood about this particular sibling neurosis. And that’s never a bad thing.

The Eighties is definitely the prevalent sound here. Patterned drums, chiming guitar and warm, warms banks of keyboards. And Hannes Norrvide’s arch, boy with a thorn in his side vocals full of that strange mix of bravado and vulnerability present in all those classic 80’s electro bands. ‘Better Looking Brother’ is one of those releases you don’t get enough of anymore; the stand alone single. It even sounds a lot like another artefact of a time gone by, the 12″ extended mix. At the near 5 minute mark, when it seems like it’s about to end, the track slowly climbs again before exploding into life once more.

This release is definitely geared towards the dancefloor or, in my case, dancing around the kitchen. Could imagine the Pet Shop Boys doing this song. And again, that’s no bad thing.

‘Better Looking Brother’ is out now via Sacred Bones Records.

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