May 25, 2024

‘Jeg Ser Dig’ – Choir of Young Believers

Choir of Young Believers are going for the slowest of slow burns ahead of their next album. ‘Jeg Ser Dig’ is the second single to be released ahead of ‘Grasque’, which is due to be released… February 2016. And talking of slow burns, that’s exactly what this smouldering, sparking track is. Frontman¬†Jannis Noya Makrigiannis has a Buckley-esque androgyny in his vocal. Don’t all you tragi-folk fans steam in though, this is a different beast altogether, all glistening keyboards, glacial synths, drum patterns and Danish lyrics…I don’t think I’m selling this very well. I donated blood tonight so maybe I’m a bit light-headed.

‘Jeg Ser Dig’, or ‘I See You’, for all you non-Danish speakers, is a jazz-inflected classy pop song that has enough weird quirks going on to stop it from fading into the background. For example, the ominous synth crash about two minutes in and it’s rumbling, near-silent coda. There are parts that have the same sort of nagging ambience as that Lewis album the cooler kids were loving last year.

If you’re after some¬†Euro-pop, Scandinavia is always the coolest place to start. The album could be interesting. We’ll find out after autumn, Xmas, New Year, Burns Night and Valentines Day….Valentines Day! They’ve missed a trick there. Bring the release date forward guys? Reckon this will be a much cooler make out soundtrack than the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack album….maybe just me.

The album ‘Grasque’ will be released on February 19th 2016 vis Ghostly International. You can pre-order on various formats here.

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