April 24, 2024

Ray BLK, Islington, London

Introducing the night with her song ‘BLK MADONNA’, Ray BLK received a warm welcome from her home crowd as she stepped on the stage.

Singing about growing up in South London has allowed Ray BLK to connect with a diverse London audience, and the connection between singer and crowd is evident as they belt out songs, and jump in time together.  The R&B singer continues the night with songs from her long-awaited debut album, ‘Access Denied’, including her latest single, ‘Lovesick’, which explores the idea of self-worth and empowerment following a failed relationship.

Ray BLK’s confident stage presence throughout the night, combined with smooth vocals which can easily flow from singing to rapping, expresses her undeniable talent which will soon top charts and sell-out tours.

To keep up-to-date with Ray BLK, and find out more information about her next London show, visit her website.

Ray BLK played at the Islington Assembly Hall on the 04 November 2022.

Article and Photography by Cassie Barnard

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