May 27, 2024

New Single Video ‘Headbutt’ by Youth Killed It

London/ Norwich group ‘Youth Killed it’ has released a video for their latest single ‘Headbutt’. The band has previously released other video tracks from their LP ‘What’s so Great, Britain?’ which will be released on the 5th October.

The band was formed in 2016 and is made of five members: Jack Murphey on Lead vocals and Guitar, Carlos Montero on Guitar, Josh Thexton on Bass guitar, Ben Ford on drums and Josh Arter- Taylor.  The group are currently signed to Rude Records.

Frontman of the band, Jack Murphey said that the song is the about the concept of masculinity and the altered perception that aggression equals masculine.

In the video, there are two men. One which is quite disruptive, very in your face and extremely irritating. The other is more passive, quiet and it unresponsive to the other man. It’s also worth taking note that both men are played by the same person.

The message that the artists are trying to convey is that the definition of masculinity isn’t as narrow as some perceive.

One notable example is in the video, one of the band members were wearing bright nail polish, which is construed to be something that only women could do. Which could not be further from the truth.

In my opinion, masculinity is subjective. I feel that masculinity doesn’t mean that a man must be super aggressive and obnoxious, whatever helps the person feel masculine is what defines masculinity: at least in the eyes of that person.

This video sends a very important message that men can also be gentle and caring while still being masculine. A message that is super important in spreading understanding in the world.

If you want to pre- order the ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ LP or see ‘Youth Killed It’ live, check out the links below and check out their tour dates.

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Tour Dates: 6th October – Manchester, Aatma | 7th October – Norwich, Epic | 9th October – Birmingham, Subside | 10th October – Bristol – Hy-Brasil | 12th October -London, Notting Hill Arts Club

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