July 19, 2024

New Single Red Flares By ‘Bros’ Lead Singer Matt Goss

Matt Goss is back with his new single Red Flares which was released worldwide on the 13th July.

Goss made his claim to fame as the lead singer of the Pop band Bros, which was formed of him and his brother. The band found a lot of success throughout their career. Their debut solo album named Push, went platinum seven times. As well as this, the album earned thirteen top five hits and was in the UK charts for eighty-four weeks.

From the lyrics, the story behind the song is that Goss and his partner have split up but both parties found that they were much happier together and both are too scared to make the first move. The Line sending up red flares (a term used on ships meaning that they need assistance) implies that to save the relationship, they need help.

The lyrics were sung in a tone that hinted at vulnerability and desperation. This, mixed in with the lyrics, created an emotional and heart-wrenching song.

This track is a notable example of a difficult relationship where two people may be in love but for some reason or another, cannot be together.

As well as the release of the Red Flare single, Matt also released an album which is now available for download and purchase worldwide.

To See more of Matt Goss, check out his London or Vegas tour Dates which will be listed below.

To hear the track, click the links below:





The track Is now available to buy here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/red-flares-single/1409169805

UK Tour Dates:

Sunday 26th August – The London Palladium

Saturday 8th September – Proms in the Park at Hyde Park

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