July 15, 2024

What’s So Great, Britain? Album Review

Taking inspiration from artists like The Clash and Arctic Monkeys , Youth Killed It, released their LP ‘What’s so Great, Britain’

The album has a 90′ s influenced instrumentation and lyrics touching on topics that ranging from romance to politics.

The front man, Jack, states that the album reflects life in Britain the past few months with all the current events that has been happening.

The opening track What’s so Great, Britain discusses political events, traditional views that hinder the development of the nation, the class system and even included lyrics discussing Brexit.

However, the lyrics are partnered with bright, slightly distorted guitar, which helps making the song a little bit easier to listen to. The stylings of the song are similar to popular bands in the 90’s With the Slightly distorted guitars, Bright sound and controversial lyrics.

On the flip side, the third track ‘Where did I go wrong?’  discusses what it is like being a young millennial in the modern world.

It discusses the pressure felt by the younger generation feels to have their entire lives in place immediately and if they don’t, they have failed.

I think this song, out of all of them, has the most important message to young adults.

I feel that this LP is one of the albums will be greatly influential among young adults as it discusses topics that are close to heart.

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