April 22, 2024

More Fuzzy Noise-Pop from Young Romance with ‘Never Learn’

“Mary Chain guitars collide beneath Claire’s vocals recalling Kate Bush in her heyday.” – NME

“Gleeful pop fuzz” – Clash Music

I might be biased – anything noisy is an instant attention grabber for me – but I really feel that Young Romance are something to get excited about. I’m not the only one who thinks so either, they’ve been gaining recognition and positive reviews in the music press since singer/drummer Claire and guitarist Paolo formed the band in 2013. BBC Radio Kent recently listed Never Learn as their Record of the Week, whilst Clash Music awarded them Track of the Day back in April for Break My Heart by Morning, b-side to single Pale. Their upcoming gig at London’s The Waiting Room has already sold out, and they’re off to the US for NYC Pop Fest on May 28th.

When I read that comparisons have been made to The Jesus And Mary Chain and Kate Bush I knew this would be something I wanted to hear, and after listening to Never Learn I can certainly see where those comparisons come from. Whilst I can hear a definite hint of Kate in Claire’s voice in terms of tone, she’s no copycat and she has her own distinctive sound.  There’s a breathy but somehow effortless quality to her vocals that sounds undeniably cool and confident, as well as undeniably indie.

As far as the JaMC comparisons go, yes, Paolo gives us distorted, noisy guitar with the occasional twinge of Sonic Youth, but it’s presented as something much more considered and tightly wrapped, which is perhaps more palatable to an indie-pop audience. And of course, this fuzzy noise and Claire’s sweet vocals complement each other perfectly.

At just over two minutes long, Never Learn is a burst of energy. It has a purposeful and unrestrained quality, as though it was a race to get the music on record before it slipped away. The result doesn’t feel rushed though, it sounds like a taste of something exciting and urgent, and it leaves you wanting more.

Never Learn is out on May 25th, but you can stream it here now:


Upcoming Shows:

20th May – London – The Waiting Room (SOLD OUT)
28th May – New York City – NYC Pop Fest, Cake Shop

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