May 20, 2024

White Eskimo – 100x EP


“100X” is a really great, refreshing release from Manchester based rock outfit White Eskimo. They effortlessly blend rock with pop punk melodies and breakdowns, and you can tell how much time and effort has been put into this release. If you aren’t already compelled to listen to it, here’s a little synopsis of each song, to convince you even more to check out this amazingly talented band.

100x – This is the lead single from the EP of the same name, and it’s really easy to tell why. If you’re looking for a catchy pop punk song with a hard hitting chorus, look no further. This song in particular is a real throwback, taking me back as far as The Buzzcocks – with heavily distorted guitars, captivating bass and pacy drums. This song is accompanied by an equally fast video, and it’s a release this Mancunian band should be very proud of.

Wake Up – This one is my personal favourite from the EP. The riffs and breakdowns remind me instantly of The Story so Far and even blink-182, who the band cite as one of their influences, particularly in the post chorus/bridge breakdown. The vocals are hard hitting and the bass is emphasised so wonderfully.

Tell Me Your Name – This track has more pop appeal than the two previous songs, with hints of early 2000s pop rock like Busted coming through. It has that anthemic vibe that the early 2000s captured so well, especially in the chorus. White Eskimo have done an amazing job in maintaining the musical vibe in all of the tracks on this EP, making it very easy to listen to, simply because all the tracks flow so well.

Make A Move – Now this one is definitely a pop punk track! With an intro that grabs your attention immediately, it’s hard to imagine that the rest of the song will maintain the listener’s interest, but it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it only impresses more. This song fits in perfectly with the “new wave” of pop-punk that is taking over the world at the minute, and in my opinion with this track, White Eskimo stand alongside other newcomers like Seaway, Handguns and ROAM.

All in all, this EP is a really exciting release, not only for the band themselves, but for this genre of music at the minute. White Eskimo show a lot of potential, and I am patiently waiting to see what these four will do next!


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