April 18, 2024

Going down like BHS – a paen for the sinking middle classes

Phillip Green or someone resembling him sips martinis or whatever and smokes  a cigar.

Andrew Fearn lays down a brilliant casio keyboard beat, which chugs along.

The Mods new stuff is more radio friendly, I mean its less furious paced rapping and spitting, its more rhythmic.

In these days of ruthless globalised capital Jason Williamson offers a paen to the demise of the middle classes (and the working classes) which he himself is likely to escape (one imagines) .

The genius of Sleaford Mods lies both in the hypnotic music produced by Fearn but also in the fact that Williams does not offer political rhetoric, just slumped shouldered cynicism.

That’s what people want – to stand in a televised digital stupor – and rock back and forth – contemplating the bleak vision of their own life unfolding in front of them – anaesthetised by alcohol and kicking drum riddims.

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