June 18, 2024

A moving Disney soundtrack – that I doubt anyone in Disney has heard

Its so often the case that when you leave the Soundcloud tap running, a diamond emerges.

Thos Henley’s Frida is one such diamond.

It is moving. It is one of the loveliest things I have ever heard.

The song I think is an ode to a newborn baby, a song of hope.

As the track began to work its magic on me, and I started to become conscious of its gentile beauty, I had to check that I wasn’t listening to some kind of classic that had passed me by.

I was sure that it must have been a gentle American country rock love song that someone like Don Maclean recorded in the 70s, but which passed me by.

But it wasn’t.

Thos Henley released Frida in November 2016, and he’s currently living in Stockholm, not the States.

Its not just that Frida has the kind of simple and moving beauty that could end up being used at the end of a melancholy Disney feature film, the piano flourishes towards the end give it something extra special, something which sends it stratospheric.

I only wish that Henley had riffed a little more on these flourishes, and perhaps built up the chorus, so I could fully digest them.

I suppose he was going for subtlety whereas I wanted majesty.


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