June 24, 2024

Are Sleaford Mods going radio friendly?

Two cars speed round a knackered Total Control Racing track, laid out on an old patterned rug, whilst a Casio keyboard beat chunters along. Its as if the whole thing was intended as an offbeat indie track by some major label marketing strategist with a Martin Parr fantasy in his head.

Its so simple, and you might think boring too, but the sight and sound of Jason Williamson is captivating. The sexual magnetism and fearlessness in Williamson’s face draws you in like a porn movie. So does the energy in his rant-rapping and his Les Dawson smiles.

Williamson spits words fast, its difficult to keep up, you pick up bits and the rest passes you buy. There’s some funny stuff about Torquay, Ray Reardon and the 1950s; and pointed stuff which seems to be about alcoholism and greed, perhaps all pertaining to control, perhaps that’s it. It probably isn’t.


Total Control Racing, by the way, looks amazing, much better than Scalextric.


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