April 24, 2024


A UK band named Finches Of Atticaare taking over, playing shows around the UK, the band began around 3 years ago. Their new album titled Far From Like Myselfhas made a splash which are making people take notice. The first track off the album title, “Far From Like Myself”, with a music box beginning it then goes into a medley of sounds which is soft and hard. There is a nice medium to the beat.  It is an instrumental and good way to start. The song “Stars”is a song that will have your toe tapping. A catchy beat rings through your ears to put a smile on your face. Good vocals and good music, this song is all alternative rock.  There is an acoustic version of this song which will be spoken about later. Another track titled “In Another Lifetime” a great bass line beginning which would make Billy Sheehanhappy. The song is a mixture of fast and faster music, it is a good rock song. The bass, guitar and drums stand-out on this track. Another notable song is “Masquerade”, just for your knowledge, if ever in Atlanta, Georgia here in the US, check out the music venue Masquerade, some of the best bands in the world have played it, anyway this track has a good guitar beginning. Quick drums and one can groove to this song, it is borderline metal. It is all good and it makes for a good song to get your heartrate up to. It has good lyrics so notice them. This brings us to the last track which is the acoustic version of the song “Stars”. It is a bold move to put an acoustic version of a song, that is already good, on an album. It doesn’t take away from the plugged in version, that is what is noticeable. It makes an already good song, better. I prefer the acoustic, which I like both. This is a more mellow side of the band which is nice to see. It shows their talent. Overall this album has a little something for all fans of music.

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