April 22, 2024


This Scottish alternative rock band began back in the early nineties and after being away for 17 years, the release of SKULLS, SKULLS, SKULLS, SHOW ME THE GLORY, prove they still have what it takes to make rock. The first track is titled “You Can’t Shut Us Up”  begins with a synth style and goes right into a heavy guitar and drums. Vocals are good and makes for a good rock song. Another song is titled “Have Faith In Yourself”it has a strong beginning and goes on throughout. It is a little light and picks up, then out of nowhere a choir of what can be described as angels, hits you in the face. It makes the song unique. The lyrics are well written and it is well composed. A good song. “P P P Peaches”,  living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA I know about the fruit peaches, so the name of this song caught my eye in a good way. This song has a punk feel in the vocals and an alternative feel in the music. It will make you smile and it will make you groove. That is what good music does. The track “ We Were Youth”  opens with strong drums, which continues throughout. The song has good vocals and good instrument playing throughout. Another notable song on this album is “A Tingling On Your Bright Skin”  begins with a softness which turns into a harshness. It is this that makes it interesting. This song reminds me of summer, the summer love that comes and goes away too quickly. It is a good song to make one feel, music makes you feel and this song does. Overall the album will be played on many playlists for a long while. It is good music which makes you feel, it has an emotion to it that alt rock should have. Anyone will enjoy this album.

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