April 16, 2024

‘Can’t Take It’ – Sextile

Well this is rather fucking awesome. L.A.-based quartet Sextile unleash the opening salvo from their upcoming debut album ‘A Thousand Hands’. I’ve had this track on repeat for nearly a week now. The intro sounds like Joy Division’s ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ on Monster Ripper before the reverb-drenched vocals of Brady Keehn arrive. The anguish and flick knife guitar riff duel before the tension becomes too much and the chorus arrives. It is the ying to the Stones yang of ‘Satisfaction’. There are also the ghosts of some surf guitar and perhaps some Cramps lurking around here too.

“Can’t Take It” is primordial and just plain spooked sounding. It’s raw and leaves you feeling a bit dirty. And it’s all over in less than 3 minutes. Now clean yourself up. Or just press play again…


‘A Thousand Hands’ is out August 21st on Felte


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