April 23, 2024

ZU – Cortar Todo


23 March 2015

Five years after the abrasive Carboniferous and, I’m pleased to say, a thunderous gig in Leeds, Cortar Todo is as loud, choppy and in your face as ever. An Italian trio, Zu fuse maths-core with grinding metalistic passages. With more than 2000 gigs tallied over 15 years, Zu have their chops and group-mind as tight as they are going to go. New drummer, Gabe Serbian, gets plenty of time, keeping up front, particularly on the title track, which consists of 2 drum patterns and a repeated riff.

Translated as “Cut Up Everything”, Cortar Todo is choppy and an uncomfy ride, with bucking guitar and busy drums, continually unsettling and changing. The set is a lot tighter and sharper than previous release, Carboniferous. Carboniferous was huge, angry and mighty; this is squally and itchy, unwilling to settle but fascinating in its restless storminess. Zu show their free-jazz side more here than last outing and by the time they get to Serpens Cauda at the halfway mark, I am glad of the calmer electronic drone before the next frantic round. Vantablack Vomitorium is slightly more what you’d expect – crunching and relentless. Then Pantokrator is a huge droney distorto-riff creation, topped with the chanting of an Amazon medicine man, closing in electronic whiffery.

Another challenging and rewarding set.

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