April 24, 2024

Those Damn Crows Bring Point of No Return Tour to Sold Out Manchester Academy

Those Damn Crows brought the third night of their UK headline tour to a sold out Manchester Academy on Friday night, after releasing their new Album, ‘Point of No Return’, the same day.

They were welcomed onto the stage with a huge roar from adoring fans and immediately began rocking out.

The energy from lead singer, Shane Greenhall, was contagious and his connection and love for the fans could be felt all the way to the back of the crowd.

After their first album in 2018, which landed at number 5 in the UK Rock and Metal Album Chart, The Point of No Return has been eagerly anticipated and has received high praise from music publications and fans alike.

The gig felt extremely intimate as Greenhall often stepped down to the barrier to be amongst his fans, before the whole band raised a shot in honour of their Manchester crowd.

If there is one thing this gig showed, it’s that Those Damn Crows’ couldn’t possibly have a more have more adoring fanbase. After surpassing their original Deaf Institute expectations, and going on the sell out Manchester Academy 1, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume they will go on to bigger and better things – and any rock fans will want to be around to see it.

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