July 19, 2024

Swedish Garage Rockers Don’t Disappoint – Dream Boogie debut with “Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers”

A review of Swedish quartet Dream Boggie's debut album "Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers"

Swedish outfit Dream Boogie are set to release debut album “Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers” on April 12th, and it’s a cracker of an album. With a sound that can only be described as The Strokes meet The Stooges with a sliver of Doo-Wop running through the harmonies and melodies.

With 13 tracks and the longest running 2:27 this is fast paced and exciting record that keeps true to the garage/punk rock aesthetic. You won’t get one polished track on this album, it’s full of twanging guitars and distorted vocals. However the Gothenburg quartet still manage to craft some almost pop sounding tracks with clever song construction and interesting harmonies.

The opening track Pirlo has that aggressive garage rock vocal style that makes you just want to shout a long, while the guitar starts out with a nice “Surf Rock” style tremolo sound. At The Heart Of Seoul is the first single released by the Swedes and it is a nice introduction to the band. It still has the raw sound that runs through the bedrock of this record but delivered with a song that wouldn’t stand out on a Johnny Cash record. With that distinct country drum beat and guitar twag.

Surf Green, Good Boys and Shu Bop sit as the strongest all-round tracks of the album. Great vocals, harmonies where needed and simple in the way this genre of music excels. I wouldn’t say there are any terrible songs on this album but some that just don’t quite reach above the consistent wave of sound that is delivered in a furious manner. I would say A Boy Can Dream is the only song that fell short on expectations, it has all the potential to be a fantastic tune but it struggles to get there.

This record over all would be great for a good sing and dance along at the summer parties. It can be enjoyed by most people that will just bop to the rhythm and wander in and out of the lyrics and melodies. If you enjoy bands like The Strokes, The Buzzcocks and The Stooges this’ll ring nicely to your ear.

You can catch the Boogie on a number of European dates coming up:

20.04.2019 (DE) Berlin, Urban Spree

24.04.2019 (NL) Groningen,O’Cellaighs

26.04.2019 (DE) Hamburg, Komet

27.04.2019 (DE) Kiel, Prinz Willy

Also make sure to follow their social media to keep up to date with future releases/shows: Facebook Instagram

Watch the video for single At The Heart Of Seoul here

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