April 18, 2024

Squeeze – Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow 27/05/18

The stage was set on a beautiful Scottish summer night. Kelvingrove Bandstand, an open air ampitheatre in the heart of Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, was awash with variant aged fans of 70’s New Wave pop band Squeeze.

Hot off the BBC Biggest Weekend stage at Perth the night before, Squeeze burst onto the Kelvingrove stage opening with “Please Be Upstanding” from their latest album The Knowledge, the crowd quickly followed suit.

Quickly followed by “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)”, nostalgia quickly waved over the sold out venue, with Tilbrook’s silky vocals keeping up to the pace of a relentless mix of all time favourites and newer hits.

Accompanied on stage, Glenn Tilbrook was backed up by guitar and lyricist legend Chris Difford, who provided an expected but no less electrifying “Cool for Cats”, Death in Vegas alumni Steve Smith on percussion, incredibly talented Bassist Yolanda Charles, Simon Hanson on Drums and Steven Large on keyboard.

Particularly during the performance of “Take Me I’m Yours”, it was clear how well the members of Squeeze harmonise and genuinely appear to have fun together.

Come the end of the gig, Tilbrook looked genuinely pleased at the success of the performance, mirrored by crowd singing “Black Coffee in Bed” back to him as part of the encore.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyed and energetic event, Squeeze proved the years have been very kind.

Catch Squeeze live at Brentwood Festival 13-15th July.


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