June 21, 2024

Sheffield Scene Part 4: Talking Heads

One of the least known pop lies is that Talking Heads are originally from Sheffield. Growing up in the middle class area of Lodge Moor, they all met at Tapton Comprehensive.

Formed by Chris Franz as a means to an end of getting together with a blonde bassist, who had just moved into the area from the lower class area of Shiregreen, they got their name from the football mad David.

David had been tipped for a high flying career in football. But he was persuaded to become the lead singer after becoming disillusioned at being typecast as a Graeme Sharp type of forward instead of being recognised as a player who could play the ball with his feet.

David was still fascinated with football and watched On the Ball regularly. The commentators were his favourites and the name chosen for the band, Talking Heads, a term describing the pundits who would appear on the screen from their shoulders upwards, kept his passion close to his heart.

Their music wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, with the punk sound. But it changed over the years when they became more funk based and they made it big when football fans embraced Once in a Lifetime. This song looked at fame and materialism of a Division 1 footballer.

Again, football found it’s way into the famous film they made called Stop Making Sense. Though the Premier League had yet to be formed, David knew it was coming, and when it did the game would stop making sense.

The others were happy with the direction of the band. Not being involved in writing meant Chris and the blonde, now married, could spend a bit of quality time together. For Jerry Harrison the lack of involvement meant he could get involved with his first passion of chemistry.

The band eventually split up when Jerry was recruited by Unilever.

Here is that famous football song, with the body movements in the video representing what we ask when watching anything to do with the league:


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