April 24, 2024

In 1981 New Order recorded a high tempo rave track – its just blown my mind

Trawling through some messy anti-establishment archives – pages put together in the mid 90s – I found lyrical waxing about new order 5-8-6 – an early peel session turned into a 20 minute trance track that was the opener at Manchester’s Hacienda night club – church for the 80s rave scene. I rushed to Youtube and was blown away, I am everything New Order did up to but not including Regret, but I never knew about this, its like I’ve been introduced to a child I never knew I had.

Others evidently felt like they were being reunited with a long lost relative.

Someone gave me an old audio cassette tape (remember those??) of this song back in 1984 – way, way before the Internet was ever known about -, and you couldn’t find this track anywhere – in any record shop, anywhere. No-one even knew what the fuck I was talking about when I asked about a 20min version of 586. Then some ‘friend’ stole the cassette, & I never saw it, or heard the song again, until now. Well done for finding and posting this – THIS is what the Internet’s about – you’re a legend!!!

This is what the Internet’s about – indeed, indeed.

It kicks ass – and its funny because I always thought New Order could do a great job if they went hardcore, fast and loud – I have dreams about finding hidden treasures like this. And the dream continued, one thing led to another, and I found that not only had New Order done a rave track, they’d also done a dub one! God. Here I am, 35 years later like a kid in a 1980s record shop.





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