April 24, 2024



Rahway, also known as the Slumlords of New Jersey, mixes heart with the hardest blistering rock this side of the Rocky Mountains. They’ve ensured to get any crowd moving with their intense guitar-driven live show. Rahway is a nonstop rock fest with an unlimited amount of energy, guaranteed in every performance. Since rolling out of New Jersey’s industrial wasteland, Rahway to be exact, these perennial rock underdogs are ready to take over the world! David Cardenas, guitarist, his brother and drummer Steve Cardenas, along with vocalist Nick Hade and bassist Chigger have a sound that is reminiscent of that old-time rock’n’roll we all love.

CARRY YOU  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48HYK_1gbMs

Fully capturing the spirit of today’s DIY musicians, these four badasses, with their musical genius, do something truly revolutionary in the rock-n-roll scene. Their music holds fist-pumping and grinning sexual innuendo, with choruses that ring in your ears from the first listen and hooks that boomerang through each song. Embodying the down-to-earth Jersey roots, but rolling the rock to a whole other edgy level.

Rahway’s innovative and ever-evolving songwriting makes them one of the most eminent bands of our time. Influenced by legends such as Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, Skid Row, Godsmack, and Motley Crue, their fusion of power is gaining popularity very quickly. They are impressive and imminent!

In 2023, Rahway is set to release a round of brand-new music in the form of singles culminating in a new EP featuring songs like the ball-rocking “Carry You,” the catchy hooks of “Drowning,” the head-bopping “Cats Away” and the arena rocker “Rocketship.”

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