April 18, 2024

Otherkin release “All That Remains Won’t Be The Same”

Review of Otherkin's latest release "All That Remains Won't Be The Same"

Dublin rockers Otherkin release newest single “All That Remains Won’t Be The Same” following the leading single “Tombstone” from their latest project. The newest venture sees the band taking a bold step and experimenting and evolving their sound. Known as a guitar driven, exciting and entertaining live band they have opted to introduce some nostalgic 80’s sounds. Recorded in Brighton with Chemical Brothers producer Steve Dub, and Jolyon Thomas (Royal Blood, Slaves) on mix duties you can definitely hear their influence on the sound of this new project.

The track opens with a synth riff and rolls into thick fuzzy guitar chords, which lays on top of that 80’s style “wet” kick drum sound. This intro wouldn’t be out of place in a Stallone cop thriller or some Blade Runner style film. Vocally singer Luke Reilly still delivers with a snarl and rasp that cuts through but we also get treated so some smooth melodies too.

On the lyrics Reilly states “”The lyrics were written at the end of 2017 as the horror stories emerged of everyday abuse and sexism perpetrated by men of power in all walks of life. The song is a rejection of anyone who feels they can behave that way and the title itself is a declaration for change, a statement that these vile actions have no place in society today.”

This new approach certainly sounds exciting and is bound to go down well at the number of summer festival dates the band has lined up. With two early releases this far into the year I could only guess that a full album will drop later in the year along with a headline tour. I will be keeping a keen eye on that.

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