July 14, 2024

Nice bit of Swedish lounge

Check out this Swedish language lounge piece from the ultimate chill-meisters AyOwA.  Its a nice track, nicely produced, the guttural Swedish sounds make it that extra bit special, there’s a lot of hard-g ‘gingers’ in there. The grainy footage of what I can only imagine is a Swedish coastal town is the perfect compliment.

AyOwA Support Tour for Eivør:
10.10.18 Teatr Szekspirowski – Gdansk PL
11.10.18  Hybrydy – Warsaw, PL
13.10.18 Chorzowskie Centrum Kultury – Chorzow, PL
14.10.18 Hirsch – Nürnberg, D
15.10.18 Treibhaus – Innstbruck, A
17.10.18 Bleu Lezard – Lausanne, CH
18.10.18 La Salle Du Cercle – Bischheim, F
20.10.18 TBA – Bucharest. Romania
22.10.18 The Studio – Norwich, UK
23.10.18 Patterns – Brighton, UK
24.10.18 The Globe – Cardiff, UK


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