May 23, 2024

Maybeshewill release video ‘Sanctuary’

Maybeshewill album 2 promo

My first festival was a disaster.  I turned up with nothing but a tent, crate of beer and for some reason, a pocket full of plastic cutlery.  I had no coat, sleeping bag or any way of feeding myself over the next few days.  I lost about a stone in weight and three good friends.

And obviously it rained.  It rained lot.

Foresight was never something I possessed.  Luckily for them however, Leicester’s Maybeshewill seem to have it in abundance.

As they toured Europe, Asia and Australia in late 2014 they recorded everything on their travels, then handed the footage to longstanding collaborator Fraser West.

The resulting video is a montage of months of extensive touring.  Roads, trains, merch stalls, planes.  You can almost smell the stale sweat and Wotsits.

West has done a grand job of telling the story of touring life.  The long drives and packed gigs punctuated with brief glimpes of exotic wildlife and distant beaches.  The track rolls and builds as canals and skyscrapers fly past, the band grinning happily into the camera as we are taken halfway across the world with them.

As an intimate travel log and a road movie for their lilting and uplifting track it works well.

Sanctuary is taken from their new album ‘Fair Youth’ which was released last year and in the US on 24/02.

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