May 20, 2024

Jet Setter’s Single, ‘Truth Of Life’, Foreshadows A Promising EP

If the latest single “Truth Of Life” is anything to go by, Jet Setter’s debut EP will give Dublin something spot-on to celebrate.

This exciting single manages to combine the youth and coolness of pop punk with the thoughtfulness and intensity of indie rock. It’s short, snappy and highly addictive. The four that make up Jet Setter bring us in with relaxed low-fi vocals, easy harmonies, and vividly enthusiastic guitar riffs.

“Truth Of Life” gives all the energy and eagerness we could ask for in a single, and by the close at two and a half minutes it genuinely leaves us wanting more. Fortunately our wait won’t be long as the promising EP, Never Had It So Good, is out on April 13. Look out for this capable quartet!


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