May 27, 2024

Sophie Hunger releases Love Is Not The Answer, from her new album Supermoon

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Plummeting into her world, a hummingbird in cardiac arrest. The accelerating bass drum envelops you. Then the purposeful but panicky bass hits you like a loss hits a raggedy con artist in a casino – just pretend nothing happened, shake it off, retain your composure.

That’s what heralds the arrival of ‘Love Is Not The Answer’.

Sophie Hunger released her latest track for her forthcoming album Supermoon, expected to arrive May 18th, and she’s confidently pushed her chips across the table with this one.

Whilst the pulsing percussion keeps your ears on edge, the piece doesn’t resolve to let you sit back and adapt, it builds up, spreading its wings, scattering synthy sprinklings like confetti in the chorus.

The Swiss singer’s lyrics drip with a sense of higher knowledge combined with a verse that tells you off, all of which juxtaposing the ‘I can’t condone this nor can I control it’ plea for mercy in the chorus, “Oh, Please Don’t”.

And that anthemic chant will be the part to get the crowd all hot and bothered in a festival, oh so ironically. And coming from the first ever Swiss act at Glastonbury you can’t help but shake the feeling she knows exactly what she’s gearing for.

Then two minutes strikes and the electric organ solo kicks in – which I personally am a sucker for –leaving you ruffling the feathers of your immediate neighbours for thirty seconds, before you’re back composed with your chips right where they should be when it subsides.

This one is most definitely a contender to be picked up for radio play – catchy, 3 minutes long and with a regular structure, so it’s just up to record company politics to govern the rest.

And it’s very possible Caroline International could get it on there, having nursed other talent such as Glass Animals in the past.

The title track of the album Supermoon was released also, which is a different subjection to ‘Love Is Not The Answer’, a laid back, lounging song that doesn’t really command your attention like the latter.

Sophies next UK date is at the Bush Hall on May 20th.

I’ll be following this artist carefully.





Artist – Sophie Hunger

Track – ‘Love Is Not The Answer’

Album – Supermoon,

Label – Caroline International,

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