July 19, 2024

Du Blonde – New Single ‘Black Flag’


Du Blonde’s reincarnation from former Beth Jeans Houghton is here, and it’s not going to go unnoticed. The new single ‘Black Flag’ from her upcoming album smashes through the old baroque pop genre into new, angry, and exciting territory.  With sultry vocals and a bassline full of anticipation, the track makes you want to start a riot – pitchforks included. As a taster of her new punkish style, ‘Black Flag’, according to Du Blonde, is “a good representation of the direction of the album”. This gives us high hopes that the rest of the album is sure to pack a similarly good punch, although the singer has let on that “there are a few quieter, thoughtful tracks” mixed in.

You can currently listen to ‘Black Flag’ and download the track for free from Du Blonde’s website


With her band, Du Blonde is performing 2 sold out shows on the following dates

20 February – Roundhouse Rising Festival, Roundhouse Studios, London

22 February – 6Music Festival 2015, Newcastle upon Tyne

You’ll be able to view Du Blonde’s 6Music Festival show live on 6Music’s website if you were unable to get one of the highly-demanded tickets.

The new album will be released in Spring 2015.

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