July 14, 2024

Listen to new Anna Von Hausswolff Track, Album Due If Funeral Pop Is Yer Hing

Swedish singer/musician Anna von Hausswolff has shared a new track from her upcoming album, ‘The Miraculous’. It is an absolute punisher. von Hausswolff chants over the top of a relatively tranquil sounding drone before crunching guitar riff shatters the peace. It’s a bit King Crimson-y. Then it pounds like Swans. The chanting becomes wailing. There’s even a guitar solo. Wow.


The album was recorded using a pipe organ made up of 9000 pipes, among other features. It is going to be brutal, in the best possible way.  Mojo Magazine called von Hausswolff ‘Sweden’s bad vibe queen’. I was probably sold before I heard a note, to be honest. See what you think.

Fittingly and spookily enough , ‘The Miraculous’ is released on Friday the 13th via City Slang


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