May 20, 2024

King Charlie

‘Wot you looking at?’

King Charlie is the King.

He wanted it for a long time. Now he’s got it.

Now the Royal Family, like any other family I suppose, has to make ends meet, and is likely to be struggling with the cost of living that we’ve all had to cope with over the last few years. Perhaps though, it might be argued that the Royal Family have suffered more than most. Perhaps this explains why Charlie was exempt from paying inheritance tax, which most of us better off families are obliged to pay.

His son, the one that looks like him, owns a private estate called the Duchy of Cornwall, which doesn’t pay capital gains tax, a tax that  you pay when you sell something for a profit [see here].

He’s a bit of a control freak it would seem.

Prior to his Coronation, and the filming of the Coronation, he forced a deal with British television channels, allowing him to retrospectively censor any footage of the coronation [see here].


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