April 16, 2024

British news providers spend too long focusing on London-centric Westminster political intrigue rather than the impact of policies on the wider country

John Ryley, head of sky news announces he is standing down. Pic: Sky News

John Ryley, who stepped down in May after 17 years as the boss of Sky News said this, in a recent speech.

This is perhaps my biggest criticism of BBC.

They constantly obsess on who said what, when they should be getting their well suited London assess into the provinces, towns and villages, to explore what life is really like, and what the impact of the major governmental policies has been.

Its called analysis. And it involves much more than doing vox pop ‘what do you think about….?’ questions with people who haven’t got anything better to do on a weekday morning than walking down the town’s high street.

It requires analysis of what is actually going on, and what the consequences of certain policies have been for all this. The Economist does analysis. BBC News should start doing it too.



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