May 27, 2024

Kid Methuselah’s unofficial fan club register thrills for 2019

Vanguard Online is the only music website that is committed to tracking and reporting on the movements of the mysterious Kid Methuselah on a two yearly basis.

In 2017 we asked “can you make a living out of trance?” a worthy point of reflection as we considered the nature and existence of said artist. It had been noted on these pages that Kid Methuselah, real name I don’t know, had been putting out some great stuff. The art could be seen reclining on a chaise longue in the trance lounge. However there was always a spicy sample, key board lick or base line. Something funky, energetic, something spiky.

Lafaro, from 2015, verges on house music, its driving music, but it makes driving so much fun.

And give Future Beat It a listen, its really something, a pure trance track aided by spliced samples of Michael Jackson and an enormous jazzy bassline. This is a classic. This is a guy who has a real producing talent, someone who seems to be a meticulous cut and paster.

Kid Methuselah’s twitter account was active for about two years up to 2016, which makes me wonder what he’s doing now. His website linking from the twitter account no longer exists.

Can you make a living out of trance?

Maybe, Paris which you can listen to belowgot a play on Radio 6. But then what future for someone who has to rely on Radio 6 for airplay?

We were contacted directly by Kid Methuselah in 2016, in attempt to promote his work. Enthused by it I told him that we would publish something. It took us til 2017 to get round to that. When I let him know he let me know that our positive reaction in 2016 had inspired him to make new music. How proud I felt. So, running through my back catalogue of music I felt a need to update myself, to see if the ‘kid’ had done anything new for 2019.

He’s dropped three new tracks this year, which you can hear on Soundcloud at his site. It’s all good stuff, its got a great rhythm, resonance, and loads of great ingredients along the way. I would say that the first two tracks did not poke their head above the crowd, in the way that Future Beat It does.

He pulled it out the bag though with the last of the three tracks, Give Up On Your Dreams. Wow! From the word go, the track had something special with sampled vocals that sounded like they came from a young Aled Jones. Dreams are something that seem to lurk at the bottom of Kid Methuselah. His note to me about our positive review inspiring him to get back into music suggests that those dreams sometimes fall asleep. Its OK. Art in its purest form is a moment of expression, and ought only to be engaged in when there is a felt need for that expression. Their ought to be ambivalence about dreams. The title of the track is not ‘Don’t give you on your dreams‘. Not all dreams are worth pursuing, once you get there you realise that you were after some fool’s gold. But music, when done from the heart is a joy to make and often a joy to listen to.

Here’s to a great 2020 for Kid Methuselah, whether you’re making music or not!

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